Hello World!  After years of wondering when I would “become a writer” (which was kind of ridiculous, since I’ve been a regular journal-writer since I was 12),  I decided to make my thoughts more public.  Hence the start of my blog.  I am so EXCITED!  Think about it, that’s roughly 25 years of thoughts I’ve mostly kept to myself…

I feel called to share my experiences and observations, especially those I’ve had as a mom.  I do not walk the beaten path, although you may not know that to look at me.  I question EVERYTHING.  I want to understand WHY.  And at the core of it all is the burning desire I have to ABOVE ALL ELSE, BE MYSELF.  My greatest purpose in life is to foster in my children the belief that they are magnificent, amazing human beings, that their bodies are smart and self-healing, that love is the most powerful force in the world, and that they can do ANYTHING.  I ask of them that they learn to follow their hearts, be kind, and give their best – whatever that may be – in everything that they do.  All of this is because I wish for them to have a wonderful life, to grow up in a wonderful world, and to leave it a better place because of their passing through it.

My thoughts will take me in many different directions because just like everyone, there are many sides to “Amy”, and many roles that I fill (mom, wife, chiropractor, speaker, teacher, sister, daughter, school volunteer… and writer!… just to name a few)  But none of these roles of what I DO defines me.  I am me.  And I am committed to being the most real “me’ that I can be.

I also believe two things: 1 –  that who I am as a person precedes who I am in any of my other roles; and 2 – there is power in being vulnerable.  And so, I commit to being me, at my best and worst – because I also know that it helps when we know that we are not alone.