A few weeks ago, after a particularly challenging WOD (Workout of the Day) at Crossfit, I wrote the following:

“I look up at the bar.  Three pull ups left.  My hands are torn, my muscles spent.  It looks so far away, but after completing 87 pull ups, giving up on the last three is NOT an option.  I try different grips, a different tape on my hand, but to no avail.  There is no easy way to do this – and so one at a time, I pound them out.

Afterwards, as I quietly sit off to the side doctoring the torn blisters on my left hand, Marlene walks up to me.  “Amy, do you have kids?”, she asks.  “Yes, two”, I reply.  “I can just imagine you in childbirth”, she laughs. “I had them born at home.”, I offer. “I am not surprised.” she states.  I could easily see the link between my determination in the gym, and my determination to have natural births at home.  You wouldn’t choose to give birth at home if you thought you could only see it part way through:  it’s simply not an option.

And so today, two days later, I sit in reflection.  I am feeling defeated, and overwhelmed, my responsibilities looming large.  And I realize, again – failure is not an option.  I don’t give in or give up.  It simply is not in my nature.

And so, instead of giving in to a day and feeling downtrodden, I am going to be a mom.  I am taking on some of those household jobs that never seem to get done:  gutting the kids rooms and playroom.  I will make healthy meals to nourish my family.  I will do laundry so that we have clean clothes to wear.  I will take my kids to the library after school to pick out some books.  And while the sun is beaming as I sit here now, and a part of me would much rather be outside, I am choosing to tackle these tasks.  Partly because they need to be done, but moreso because it will give me a sense of accomplishment while simultaneously being a relief from other, more stress-inducing responsibilities in my life.   In my actions today, I am providing a life and a home for my loved ones.

Sometimes life seems daunting.  Sometimes we are nursing wounds as we go.  But the real life happens in those moments when we keep on going despite it all.

(As I go to post this, I have a chuckle, wondering how many people who read the title of a “mommy blog” with Pull Ups in the title will expect some thoughts on potty training…LOL!  Nope, not in my world – at least, not anymore.  Pull Ups are a regular part of my life now, a skill that took me months of hard work and strength building to achieve, kind of like a badge of honour.  THAT’s the kind of mom I am.  I want my kids to know that I am STRONG, in every definition of the word)

(And I’d highly recommend checking out Crossfit…  www.crossfitbradford.com  if you’re in the area)