Today we had our first ever Robinson Family Yard Sale.  We all had different perspectives of the “event”:

Kids:  we’re gonna make some MONEY!

Dean: let’s give it all away – after all, if we don’t want it, why would anyone buy someone else’s “junk”?

Me: it will be a good learning experience for the kids; we can get rid of some of the unused clutter from our house, be socially responsible, and keep it out of a landfill. I even suggested they consider donating a portion of the money, and was happy when they happily volunteered a split of 70% kids, 30% charity.  (Pat on the back, I thought, we’re off to a good start)

So from the get-go, it was a project for me and the kids.  Which I was fine with, since I knew that from the beginning.  If Dean dropped that on me this morning it would have been a different matter altogether –  like the difference between the “I’m-really-entitled-to -be-angry wife” and “did-I-take-on-too-much-but-can’t-say-anything wife”.

My first “What were you thinking?” moment was yesterday afternoon.  After a busy morning at work, I got home with the first tired-body signs of a cold trying to take hold.  But we had signs to make and post around town.  My second “hmmm…” moment was at a very dark 6:45am when my Sunday morning bed felt very warm and cozy and I had a hunch it would have been one of those very rare days that I may have been a later sleeper… IF it wasn’t Yard Sale Day.

The sale got going, and I was happy to notice I felt much better being out in the fresh air.  I got to meet a few of our neighbours, including one awkward moment when I introduced myself to one dad, only to be told, “Oh, we’ve already met… like 3 or 4 times…”  (I’d say it’s a first to feel socially embarrassed before 9 am…) Fortunately, his 2-year old stayed to play for a long time while we chatted, and I can only hope I was able to redeem myself as other than stuck-up ..

When it was all said and done, our tally for the morning included:

12 visitors

1 awkward social moment

4 new neighbour acquaintances

5 hours outdoors in the fall morning air

And a whopping $28

I feel kind of like I planned a party and no one showed up, but it was still more enjoyable than a morning spent inside.  Considering that the time invested was over 6 hours… and a garage full of stuff to now be donated, I am wondering if Dean’s idea was better. It certainly would fit more with my mantra of KEEPING IT SIMPLE. I guess he is entitled to an “I told you so”, but being a wise husband, I expect he’ll keep any of that to himself.