I have just come from a home visit to check a newborn for the first time.  After years of doing this, the sense of wonder and awe that newborns instill in me is still fully intact. When I look at children –newborns in particular – I see all that is right with the world, wrapped up in this pure package of perfection.  Nature simply does not program for failure.

It is the greatest honour I can be given for a parent to place their precious child in my hands.  It is the ultimate show of trust, and one I will never take for granted.

To those of you unfamiliar with chiropractic – and I pretty much guarantee my approach is different from what many of you may think – suffice it to say that the healthiest children I know have all been adjusted since birth.  (But that is a topic for another day altogether.  Anyone too impatient to wait can check out more at http://www.vibrantlifechiropractic.com)

What I know is this: Our bodies are designed to be extraordinary.  They are designed with an inner wisdom that coordinates every function of every cell.  Perhaps this is evident when we gaze upon a newborn, or explore the wonders of pregnancy, but too often people seem to forget that the same power that made you (and your child) is there every single day of your life.

My advice:  LEARN TO TRUST IT.

When it comes to newborns, there is no doubt that birth can be stressful enough to warrant a chiropractic check up in the best of cases.  So my “job” gives me the opportunity to work with the natural healing abilities of the body, effectively turning the power on every day. I get to hold and cuddle babies, play with kids, watch them grow and thrive being healthy, and vital – just as nature intended.

In my opinion, the first step in creating your own peace of mind lies in learning to trust yourself.  Ask questions.  Let your own intuition be one of your decision-making guides. Surround yourself with people and resources who reinforce this and leave you feeling informed, empowered and capable.

The reality is that we are all miracles.  I simply choose to remember this as being the normal state of humankind – meaning this:  we are all pure possibility and potential.

Remember – you were designed for this journey called parenthood.  YOU are the expert, the doctor and the healer … otherwise known as MOM.