Tonight we went out for dinner.  I knew Audra was in a funk – stomping around the house, yelling out loud as her hair was brushed (I know she was cranky…  since she was the one doing the brushing) Her lip was sticking out so far she could’ve tripped over it

On the way to the restaurant – she argued and whined that Ethan was:  touching her, bugging her, looking at her.  We asked Ethan to please look out the window to ignore his cranky sister.  She then complained that Ethan was moving his head too much.  If it wasn’t annoying, it would have been hilarious (it is now, I have to admit)  I tried to say that she can’t control if someone moves their own body if it’s not hurting her.  But try saying that to my girl… words bounce off of her (or unpredictably hurt her feelings)  Dean chipped in his two cents as he parked the car.  I took a deep breath, wondering if going out to dinner was a good choice… it was only because I was tired from a long day and didn’t feel like cooking.  And did I mention this was all on a two minute drive?

Once we got our seat, Audra headed to the washroom. As it’s a place we know well in our small town, that was no big deal…  but the minutes kept on passing…. and no Audra.  Finally (with a sigh, I admit) I went into the washroom, only to discover that Audra had locked herself into one of the stalls.  “I’m not coming out” she insisted. (another sigh from me…  with a shake of my head.  I was glad I had at least a minute where my face was hidden from my locked up daughter, as she was apparently mad or sad or her feelings were hurt (usually it’s a combination of all three) and if she saw me trying not to laugh, it would have only delayed dinner further… and I was hungry.) Cranky daughter and hungry mom = not a good combination. Cranky daughter seeing her mom laughing at her antics = disaster.

After some coaxing and some cuddles we emerged from the bathroom together, with her suggestion being that we should sit at a table away from Dean and Ethan (for some reason, she decided in the two minute car ride that she was mad at Dean, too -though why she was mad I have yet to discover)  My advice to my stubborn little diva was to pretend we were alone until she didn’t feel mad anymore (although I think she was just tired from a day at a cross country meet)  Our server, who knew us, and had picked up on Audra’s vibe had a laugh as well… all the more when I decided: tonight deserved a glass of wine.