This morning at Crossfit, the class was full of women – all mothers of varying ages – and one male, being the token dad figure (… who kicked ass in the workout, so maybe he unknowingly had something extra to prove today).  As we stretched and warmed up, it struck me as funny how the conversation was all around our lives as moms, the challenges of kids, and whether or not any of us were planning to have any more (some were, some weren’t… with me in the latter group)

We then launched into a grueling WOD (work out of the day) involving body weight deadlifts, kettlebell swings, heavy overhead lifts, and toes to bars.  Barbells banging, muscles straining, music pumping, sweat pouring.  Despite our one male presence, I have no doubt that there was plenty of testosterone in the room for the morning as we pushed ourselves to our limits.

Afterwards, it was almost comical how the conversation picked up where it had left off, with women sharing their birth stories, talking about midwives and home births, hospitals, epidurals and doctors. I don’t know what prompted the group to go in that direction today, but I find it comical to think that if we were all somewhere else together, not gabbing post-workout at Crossfit, that NO ONE would look at the group of us and have ANY IDEA of what type of strength and determination we all possessed – both physically and mentally.

It never ceases to amaze me how many sides there are to every person, both men and women.  See, I was surrounded by beautiful, strong, determined women.  We had children ranging in age from toddlerhood to college age, girls and boys alike.  Given the physical exertion we had all just engaged in, sandwiched between such mom-centered conversations, I felt like I was witnessing an example of the dual nature of life – the soft and hard, gentle and strong.  I agree that women are different from men (a good thing, in my opinion), but we often neglect to embrace all of the ways that we are STRONG (just as many men negate how deeply they FEEL)

I believe that women are POWERFUL, not despite our feminine natures, but because of them.  In my mind, feminine and sexy are synonymous with strong and determined.

Listening to the group of women this morning, I was proud to think of what kind of role models we are being for our daughters and sons.  I like to think of the kind of message it sends to our kids to see us as loving, kind, nurturing… and strong, empowered and purposeful.

And cheesy as it may be, (I have to admit it, and having a 7 year old daughter definitely factors in) – the words that come to mind from today are: Girl Power. Yeah.