I don’t think anyone would argue the fact that rest is a basic requirement for living. (certainly no one with young kids would disagree!) However, many may fall into the idea that if they get enough sleep, that will take care of what their bodies and minds need to replenish the storehouses, so to speak. I am not talking exclusively about sleeping; what I mean is taking some time to de-load.  Weight lifters do it by programming weeks of lower weights.  Wise people (in my opinion) do it by scheduling personal days and vacations.  Making time to rest and re-boot is not a common habit.  But it is a requirement of your body and mind nonetheless.

After an amazing weekend away at a Life by Design seminar, I envisioned myself waking up, implementing new strategies from the weekend, and being highly productive.   But when I woke up today, my body was not on track with my plans. Today I needed to rest.  I did not have any symptoms, but I also did not feel well.  I could fall into older patterns and push through it, be productive like I had planned, and go to work this afternoon. (Fortunately, I have a very capable chiropractor to fill in for me on days like these)  .. but I would be a hypocrite to do so. I am forever telling people to tune into what their body needs.  Because first your body whispers, but eventually it can scream.

I recognize that I am processing a lot from the experience of the weekend, much like a seed germinating in the soil of a garden.  To grow into a healthy, vibrant plant, that seed needs to be nourished.  Pushing myself when I need time to rest, would be like yelling at a plant to grow.  

Whether you are a chiropractor like me, or a stay-at-home mom, the guilty thought that runs through your head is likely the same: “people are counting on me”.  I NEED to keep working, cleaning the house, doing laundry (insert anything into the sentence)  But is that true?  Would the world stop if a chiropractor were to close for a day?  Or if the dishes sat in the sink?  Or your kids didn’t brush their hair before school?

Today I could have fought the weariness and forced myself to be productive, and go into my practice this afternoon.  But with the absurd image of yelling at my garden to grow in my head, I recognized that a day of rest was exactly what I needed. By staying home today, I feel like I am nourishing myself.  And by doing so, I will be able to bring the best of who I am into my practice tomorrow and in days to come.

I am proud of myself for knowing that I am deserving of rest.  Instead of rushing to get to work, I took a slow and leisurely stroll with my dog (a feat I no longer take for granted, which anyone who read my previous post will understand)  We walked at a pace a one-year-old could have kept up with, but the fresh air and movement was good for both of us.  And now I’m back to bed.  Rest required.