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Did you know that it is a universal human desire to feel that we are “making a difference”? The cool thing is that there are so many ways to do this, both large and small.  There certainly is something to be said for being able to look in the mirror and say: “I matter.”

Yesterday was a perfect day for me, quite simply because I had a day full of experiences that that sent me a clear message that ‘Yes, I matter;.’ I am making a difference in the world.’

Yesterday started before 6am, when I wrote my blog about happiness.  And funnily enough, it started my day with happiness, as every time I look at the picture of Ethan and Audra covered in the mud (5 years ago?!) I was transported back in time to that day.   Pictures really do speak a thousand words.  It seemed to set the tone for the day.

Arriving at my practice, my first people to adjust were a mom and her little girl.  It truly is like spending time with friends to realize that I have been adjusting this family since the parents were first trying to conceive – and they now have three young children.  My morning ended with speaking to a new person in my practice, with that amazing feeling that comes from looking across at someone and seeing what is possible for them.  For their health, and for their life.  The crux of it all is that what I am doing is reminding them that they are amazing, that they are designed for health, and happiness –  and that they are in the right place.  My job basically is one of inspiring hope – because too often, people have forgotten.

As my day went on, I met with a new family who simply wanted to be “at their best”, followed by a busy evening of adjusting.  Throughout my day I gave and received many hugs, had many laughs, adjusted many babies and kids, and connected with the beautiful people in my practice.  There are some days that I get so much out of being in my practice that I feel like I should be paying them.

As if that wasn’t enough, after giving my last adjustment, I went straight to one of the midwifery practices, where they had invited me to be a guest speaker at their home birth evening.  I walked into the room to be surrounded by expectant couples, and babies – entirely in my element.  It was an informal gathering, as people were there to get more information about the prospect of giving birth at home.  There was a sharing atmosphere as people told their stories, and asked questions.  It was one of the easiest groups to speak with, as they already were embracing an approach that honours the wisdom of the body.  My job was simply to deepen that understanding, and tell them ways that they can optimize their experience.  They were already on board.

When all was said and done, I arrived home at 10 pm, 16 hours after my day first started.  It was a long day, but I was so exhilarated from it that Dean and I talked about it for another hour.   I love how a purposeful day leaves me with more energy – a world of difference from what an 18 hour day would do otherwise.

My nighttime ritual of reflecting on what I did well was easy:  clear, purposeful communication, connection, and knowing that I am making a difference.  And what I was grateful for was even easier:  loving what I do, feeling like I never ‘work’, being surrounded by beautiful people… and making a difference.

I pour my heart and soul into what I do.  But the rewards of seeing how I am making a difference in the world, touching people’s lives, and encouraging them through the processes of life-  THAT is worth so much more than money.  I am so grateful.