Today I am grateful for hugs.

Sometimes by the end of the day I simply can’t wait to have some time to myself.  Kids in bed, no little people to have to attend to…. bliss.  Occasionally, I want to feel that sooner than it is available – like an hour before the kids’ bedtime – and it leads me to feeling edgy instead of like the day is winding down.  That was my emotional state tonight:  waiting to be “done”.

And then…

Seeing the need to give some extra hugs to an over-tired and cranky Audra, my best solution was to crawl into bed with her, scoop her little body onto mine and hug her with all of my heart.

The wonderful magic of hugs is that when you give one, you get one.  

I felt my own crankiness melt away, and we both started to breathe more deeply.  When I went into Ethan’s room for his goodnight hug, he asked me, as he always does: “Mom, what are you grateful for?” I paused for a minute, thinking that I was grateful for ending the night on a much more pleasant note.  My truthful answer came to me instantaneously: “Today, I am grateful for hugs.”

And on that note – here is a video clip I showed at a talk I gave earlier today to 45 massage therapy students.  We all need connection to thrive – and for me hugs are the universal adjustment.  Enjoy!