Perhaps it is true that people will move mountains if their motivation is high enough.  In our case, the joy of seeing our nieces and newborn nephew motivated us to make a rapid change of plans to try to beat winter storms, and leave a day earlier for our holiday travels. We have joyfully arrived in Nova Scotia to spend the holidays with family.

For us, moving mountains means that after a busy day of work on Thursday, we packed up the truck to drive through the night.  We drove through torrential rain, snow, and ice, often traveling at less than 80 km/hr – finally to arrive, after minimal sleep and almost 24 hours on the road.

The excited reception was worth every minute of the drive.

The magic moments of community bubble baths, early morning dance parties, and the joy of watching the little cousins constantly following Ethan and Audra around makes every potentially nerve-wracking moment of our long drive oh-so-worthwhile.  And the best part is that the best is yet to come – all to be documented with a plethora of pictures and video – and memories to last for all time.  Who wouldn’t move mountains for that?!