Today I am sitting in Starbucks, passing time until I can get my phone fixed at Apple.  I could waste it wandering the mall, but 2013 seems to me to be a year of productivity.  My theme for the year is growth and impact.

I guess this mostly applies to my professional life, but as I understand things, who I am as a person permeates every aspect of my life.  So if I intend for great growth in my practice, and more impact – which for me means more public speaking (which I LOVE), getting back on TV and in the media, and reaching more people – it also means that I intend to manifest and create more growth in my personal life as well.  Hmmm… I wonder where to start.  I guess it makes sense to start with my reason WHY, so here it is:

If I were granted ONE WISH to change any ONE THING in the world in the hopes of making it a  better place – for today and for future generations – it would be this:  for people to know with every cell of their being just how amazing they are.  I believe we are all designed to be extraordinary, that greatness is our birthright.  I believe we are designed for abundant health, happiness and vitality.  Just imagine the amazing place the world would be if each of us made it our personal mission to bring the best and brightest version of ourselves out to the world.  And for our children to grow up knowing to do the same.

I think that this one thing could, in fact, change the world.  It seems so simple, and yet it is not the underlying approach I see in the world around me.  In fact, understanding how this foundation impacts my life and our family evaded me up until this past year – but this is what I am all about.

I want my kids to grow up with great self-esteem, with a deep, inner-knowing that they are whole, complete and resourceful individuals, and that they are capable of accomplishing anything they so choose.  In fact, we have based our entire parenting approach around this.  After all, our influence over them as parents is for such a short time, and I can see it waning with every passing year.  My job, as a mom (as I see it), is to love them, keep them safe, and keep them healthy.  And the biggest part of loving them is to accept them as the unique individuals that they are.  Our job is to instill in them moral values, and to nurture their self esteem.  Because the reality is that if we do this job well, I can let go just a little easier.  I can trust that their path will be their own, and while I don’t doubt that they may stray in ways I may not care for as their mother (as I did, too), underneath it all, we must learn to trust that this foundation we have spent their childhood building will carry them through the highs and lows of life.

Ironically, it took being interviewed on the Life by Design radio show last year for me to realize that I parent my children from a place of a very conscious philosophy.  It all stems from this place of owning our own greatness.  As a parent, I can ask myself:  Does this allow them to learn and grow?  Does this foster self esteem in them?  Does this fit with our family values? Does this allow them to be the best they can be?

Being a parent is tough.  It will challenge you constantly (at least, that has been my experience so far).  And being the kind of parent you wish to be is even harder.  The best advice I can give is this:

Do whatever it takes to realize your own greatness.  Find people who help you remember this when you forget.  Take massive action in your own life.  Remember that you are amazing.  Become the kind of person you hope your children will grow up to be.  You deserve it.  And so do they.  We all do.

Today’s post was largely inspired by two wonderful and powerful women colleagues of mine:  Dr. Karen Osburn and Dr. Andrea Ryan.  Both are chiropractors and moms, all of us trying to find balance in our lives, facing our own challenges, all-the-while giving of ourselves in our practices and in our home lives – all from the standpoint of bringing the best of who we are into the world.  It is all from the desire to create a better world for ourselves, our communities, our children and the generations who will follow.  Thank you ladies for our weekly calls, and for holding me accountable to be the best I can be.

Amy’s interview on the Life by Design Radio Show