I have resisted introducing technology to my kids.  But lets face it, TV, computers, ipods, wii’s and gaming systems are simply part of the culture now.

I have see-sawed between wanting them to keep their imagination and creativity intact, and hands-on activities maximized – and not depriving them.  As Dean has pointed out, technology is a part of the world now, and we can’t keep them from it.  (I note the irony as I type on my mac, and rely on my iphone as the keeper of my busy life schedule, organizer of my to-do list, and the source of my podcasts, audiobooks and weekly learning)  I expect I will write a full blog on some of the reasons why I resist technology at a later date… so stay tuned!

I think the crux of the matter is that technology has it’s upsides and its downfalls.  Quite simply, it is a tool that we can use in whatever way best suits our needs.  And as with any of our choices in our family, we have attempted to consciously create ways to use these tools in a positive way.

This week, I have discovered another.  While Dean was away, we set Audra up with an email address (Ethan already had one that was rarely used)  However, it was her excitement to send messages of love to her daddy, who she missed, that opened the door to how to make this a great tool in our family.

As I watched her excitedly check to see if she had any messages, I quickly typed a short message and got to watch her face light up.  My epiphany this morning is that I can send my kids daily messages of love, encouragement or inspiration – every day.  Kind of a home-spun version of “Notes from the Universe”


“You are amazing and can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Good luck on your test today.  Remember you are brilliant and I am proud of you.”

“Every day I am grateful that I am your mom.”

“The best part of my day is hugging you”

“I love you.  Love love love you.”

“You are awesome.  You are amazing.  You rock”

The possibilities are endless.  And I am left, once again, being grateful for such a small thing… that can make such a difference.  Awesome.