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Sometimes I get the feeling that time overlaps.  I find myself thinking about what I was doing at this time a year ago, or ten years ago – it doesn’t really matter:  both feel simultaneously like a lifetime ago… and yesterday.

Take today for example.  Eleven years ago today, my cousin Ann celebrated her last birthday.  Thirty-seven years ago today I was not yet born.  One year ago today, I was still reveling in the post-vacation joy of our first family trip south.

It is with some shock I realized that today would have been Ann’s 50th birthday –  a detail that would likely have escaped my notice had it not been for the Facebook post by her sister (along with an absolutely beautiful picture, I might add) It leaves me feeling so happy-sad to look at. I knew it was her birthday, but time seems to have played that trick on me again, quite possibly because I can’t match my remembered-Ann with an imagined-Ann at 50.

Ann and Meg

Ann and Meg

As I reflect on my day – a pretty run-of-the-mill non-work day for me, I find myself finding little moments to be grateful for.  I am alive and healthy, surrounded by love and little moments of grace… when I take the time to notice them.

I am grateful for my early morning quiet time – that hour or so in the morning when I can journal, plan and set my goals before my household awakes.

I am grateful for the weekly accountability call I have with my two colleagues – who are fast becoming great friends and sounding boards for me.

I am grateful for a hard, heart-pumping, heavy-lifting workout at crossfit (I especially celebrated this one as I am just getting fully back in the game after an injury).

I am grateful for a coffee and hug post-workout with one of my crossfit ladies.

I am grateful for a great massage to help keep me on my game.

I am grateful for meeting Dean in Alliston to run errands – and that I still get butterflies when I see him at unexpected times in my day.

I am grateful for the mild weather that allowed us to walk to get our kids from school.

I am grateful for the simple but healthy dinner we enjoyed together.

I am grateful for the beautiful guitar music Dean is playing as I write this.

I am grateful for the happy sound of Ethan singing in the background.

And of course I am grateful for the hugs I get every night before bed.

Quite simply, I am grateful for the time that I have, for the breath in my body, for the feeling of being fully alive, exceptionally loved, and for all of the moments I get to spend here.  When I take time to truly notice, I can see that my life is full of grace.