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I fell asleep thinking about rope climbs.  For those of you who aren’t working out at Crossfit, it’s exactly what it sounds like:  climbing ropes, in this case, up to a 15 foot ceiling.  I was thinking about it because I had checked the website at Crossfit Bradford to see what the WOD (workout of the day) would be today.  I’m both excited and apprehensive about today’s workout. I guess I am wondering if I am up to the challenge.

In actual fact, I love rope climbs.  One or two of them.  I remember the first time we did it  – and the laughing comment from a waiting onlooker as myself and another friend climbed successfully on the first try.   “If a bunch of moms could do it, she could, too”.  It was said in jest, and yet now, months later, I can still feel my reaction:  “IF a mom can do it?!”  We can do it BECAUSE we are moms.  Moms who play hard, work hard, and give our children a role model to look up to… literally.

Of course I’m strong because I’m a mom.  I have experienced childbirth (at home, in our case), sleepless nights (or years, to be more accurate), the mental and physical exhaustion of being responsible for young children – and all-the-while working to be a great role model, wife, chiropractor, business owner, friend, daughter and neighbour.  I regularly play hard – it’s part of the job description.  Like yesterday, carrying sleds while running up a hill with a friend’s 4-year-old son on my back.  Or offering piggy-back rides to both of my kids – even though they are 50 and 80 pounds.  I consider it an accomplishment to I know I am up to the challenge.  Or kicking a soccer ball around, playing tag, or grounders at the park, downhill skiing, skating…  the reality is that if you want active kids, you have to be an active parent.  If that is one of your goals as a mom… well, of course you’ll be strong.

So today, for the rope climbs – I’ll give it a go.  Seven climbs in a row, combined within a whole workout may be more than I can handle.  But my inspiration can come from my kids today:  just like when I completed the 20 feet of monkey bars in Tough Mudder – I’ll picture my daughter, who climbs like a monkey.  And I’ll think to myself:  If she can do it, I can too.   Why not?  After all, she is the picture of awesomeness.  I just hope it’s (at least in part) because of watching her awesome mama.  In the very least, I can follow my own advice to them:  Give it my best.  What more can I expect than that?