I just plain old liked this one and its common sense advice. Swoop away, parents!

What Kids Want Us to Know

Parents love to tell me how messy their children are. Occasionally, they bring in photos of their children’s rooms or playrooms for fear I won’t believe their descriptions of floors covered with dirty clothes and wet towels, desks covered with books and crumpled papers, and bedside tables piled with dirty plates and glasses. The pictures are unnecessary; I have no trouble imagining just how messy a child’s room can be. I used to be the kid whose room looked like the aftermath of a tornado.

This post was inspired by the following exchange with a young client who came to see me during her parents’ separation. There is stress in the house she shares with her mother as her mother adjusts to single parenthood. Mom expressed frustration over how little Erica, age 10, and her older sister, age 12, were doing to help around the house. Here is my question…

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