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After nine years in practice, it is rare that I have someone come into see me who is intensely skeptical about what I do as a chiropractor.  With a practice that is full of families, pregnant women, babies and kids – and with 95% of those coming from referrals of people who are seeing amazing changes in their lives – I guess I had forgotten that my approach is different from how many people look at their health.

I had lost touch with how many people are disconnected from the fact that our bodies are smart and heal themselves.  I forgot that this basic foundation might be foreign to someone who is used to ignoring their health, their body, and not taking the time to recognize that health requires effort.  I forgot that many people do not make their choices based on knowing how amazing they are.

But the simple truth is this: We are designed to be extraordinary.  And our choices can create that – or hinder it.

Ironically, this man was brought – almost kicking and screaming – by his wife.  He was so resistant to being there at first that I actually stopped mid-conversation to ask him if he actually wanted to be there.  (That stopped him in his tracks a bit.)  But what got him to start opening up a little was watching me check his three month old son. “Wow, you’re really good with babies”, he commented.  “It’s what I do all day,” I explained, letting him know that almost half of my practice is kids – “My job is to check their spine and nervous system to make sure the connection between their brain and body is clear.  A clear connection is required for the optimal function of every part of our body.  We explain it to the kids as “keeping their power on.”  And it’s so much easier to monitor and keep a child healthy as he grows than it is to abuse our bodies for years or decades and then try to make change.”

I don’t know yet what this particular man will decide to do for himself and his own health.  My job is to give him the information to make choices – and to let him know, that just like his perfect newborn son – he is designed for health, that it is possible for him to rebuild it, starting with turning his own “power on”.  And by believing that it can be done.

And so early this morning, I am pondering this interaction.  I think I read enough of the signs to see that there were a few things underlying it.  Firstly – wanting to ignore our bodies and health, not wanting to know if “anything’s wrong” – which leads into people also ignoring their own choices.  Secondly – wanting something different for our children – but being scared that they may turn out exactly as us.  Which, quite honestly, is likely to happen in most cases.  Good or bad, what our children learn about health starts with observing their parents.  And so, I can empathize as to what concerns may exist for a parent – who obviously adores their child – but whose own health is poor, and whose own choices may be problematic.

All of this got me to thinking about how much we take for granted about our health.  Is it possible that so many people think there’s “nothing I can do about it”?  I would hate to live in a world like that.

The world I live in is full of possibilities.  It is a world where health is our natural state.  Our bodies are encoded with the knowledge of how to function magnificently:  full of energy, happiness, strength and potential.  I look at children and I see everything that is possible in the world.  They are pure potential.  And my job is so simple – just help keep them perfect by making sure that their brain-body connection is clear, getting that vital information back and forth between their growing bodies and brains – and letting that inborn wisdom do what it does best:  heal, regulate and grow.  Nature is so amazing, if we can just get out of its way.

If I sit for a moment and think on some of the lives I have seen change over the years, it’s like a movie that plays through my mind.

Like Massimo, a newborn who was born with a paralyzed right arm – and who regained full use of that arm after a month of being adjusted.

Like Andrew – a six-year-old boy with a language processing delay that made conversations, play or school interactions very challenging – and who regained the ability to speak clearly over the course of a summer – allowing him to regain his self esteem, and to learn at the same rate as his classmates.

Like 8-year-old Matthew – who had had 13 surgeries for repeated ear infections – who stopped having issues and whose ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) recently told him “Matthew, I never need to see you again.”

Like 9-year-old Anna – who had suffered with constipation for all of her life – and who now – at age 13 – doesn’t remember what it felt like to be bloated or constipated.

Like Emily, a newborn who couldn’t latch to breastfeed – and who now nurses like a champ.

Like Maddison, who was born with so much force on the cranial bones of her head that her facial features were notably asymmetrical – and whose head reshaped itself within months (and who is now a beautiful school-age child).

Like Jacob, who would wake at night crying from “growing pains” in his legs – and who now is a great hockey player.

Like Mikayla – who at 18 months wasn’t walking -and who started taking her first steps within days of getting adjusted.

Like Christian, a 6-year-old boy on the autistic spectrum who was non-verbal when we met and constantly sick -and who now talks a blue streak every week when I see him.

Like everyone – that ability for amazing health is there.  Waiting to be woken up, supported, TRUSTED.  People no longer ask us at my practice why we are always so happy.  Look at what we get to be a part of.  Believe it or not:  Nature works.   And one essential thing that every human being requires is a clear connection between their brain and their body.  Chiropractic works. Without 100% communication, we can never be 100%.  It’s as simple as that.

I guess that’s why I sometimes adopt the approach to take it or leave it.  I know I can’t help people who don’t want to be helped – or who don’t think it’s possible.

But for those who do – I’m going to be busy in my practice helping families be at their best, watching the changes unfold in the people under my hands as we make sure that their power is ON.  I’m going to live each day in awe of the amazing ability of our bodies to heal, and in appreciation for the magnificence in every single human being.  What a world this would be if everyone allowed this to be a part of their lives.