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I have forgotten to be grateful.  I have been reading travel blogs and videos, seeing posts of friends who are currently in places in the world that I wish to go – and I am wanting it to be me.  I have such a heart felt desire to travel the world, see new cultures, expose our family to new ideas, see great beauty, walk amidst ancient sites and learn, learn learn.

I could fall into that trap of wondering “Why not me?”  (Or more appropriately:  Why not me… YET?)  But to do so would be for me to be ignorant of all the opportunities I have already had, and all of those we have given our children.  Why am I in such a hurry?

Here is a list to remind myself of some of the amazing opportunities I have already had:

I grew up in beautiful Nova Scotia, with an amazing childhood full of nature, outdoors, camping, and joy.  I went away to university: St. F.X. in Antigonish, NS.  I lived in Ottawa for a summer.  I moved to Calgary (and met my husband while out west, great added bonus!).  We have lived in Toronto, Brampton, Woodbridge, and now Beeton, Ontario.

We got engaged on top of a mountain (Kananaskis, near Banff, Alberta)  We have white water rafted in Jasper, hiked gorges in the Rocky Mountains, visited the Okanogan, BC.  We honeymooned in Nova Scotia – whale watched from a zodiac, so close we could almost touch the whales, sailed with friends, cottaged in Mabou, Cape Breton, skimmed near Halifax (a form of surfing) – allthewhile enjoying amazing food.

We have been to New York City, seen all the sites of Toronto.  Visited Montreal, Newfoundland, driven across all of Canada.  Been through many of the states.

Our children have climbed a mountain the Rockies, walked in snow on top of the Jasper range while in the middle of summer.  They have jumped waves in the Atlantic Ocean, and have been on whale watching expeditions.  We have back -country canoed-camped in Agonquin.  Water skied, tubed, seadoed, snowmobiled.  Cross Country Skiing.  Down Hill Skiing.  Rock Climbing.  Boogie Boarding. (and this is just my one-minute list)

We have taken them on a Caribbean Cruise – where they visited Mexico, swam with dolphins, snorkeled, took a speed boat to a private island in Belize, and did an airboat tour of the Florida Everglades.

We have hiked all over Ontario.  Spent time in Niagara Falls. We have ten years of great memories at our friends’ cottage – full of memories of fun, rest and play.  Our kids  have been on trains, planes, flown in 4 seater planes, and in a helicopter.

What on earth am I complaining about?

What an amazing, full life I am living.  What an amazing, full life we are providing for our children.

I am so excited for what adventures the future will bring us.  We have just begun.

I am so grateful.

Jasper Alberta 2010