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One of the things I find most amusing about being a mom is the quirky little things that our kids do.  No matter the day, there will be at least one thing that makes me laugh – and most days its a barrage of amusements.

Like Audra, who loves to make up nicknames.  These days I go by Molly to my seven-year-old lady.  And since it’s been a few weeks, even my new nickname grew its own versions:  Mollsy, MollyDoll, and Mol are the most common.  I’m sure it’s earned a few puzzled looks in the schoolyard at pick-up time.  Over the years, I’ve been Wombo, MommyDoms, Mumsy and Shawny Mama – amongst many many more.  I asked her why Dean didn’t have a nickname, and she looked at me like I had two heads:  “You mean Daddio?  My favourite name for Daddsy is Daddio-Amigo.”  And “of course I know that amigo means ‘friend’  – silly Molly.”  Oh.  How could you not smile?

And like Ethan, who gets so caught up in his imagination that the world could blow up around him without him taking note.  After school today, in Calvin & Hobbes- style, he announced he was going on an adventure.  As I looked out the window, I saw him crossing the yard with his wooden sword in hand.  Hmmmm….  Not long afterwards, he blows back in the house, surprising me at the door – not only with his sword, but wearing his ski goggles (!) – and gasping that he just saw a giant.  Indeed, it made for interesting dinner conversation.  Apparently the giants in Beeton are light green and hairy.

Or like Audra’s love of dressing up her favourite stuffy – her monkey named Mimzey – in every possible form of outfit.  We really aren’t joking when we say that Mimzey has the biggest wardrobe in the family – leave it to Audra to turn her sidekick into a little fashionista…!  However, my favourite Mimzey-play is when Audra will pose her when she heads off to school for the day.  I have come across her monkey reading, doing headstands, tucked in for a nap, strapped into my car, and even hanging upside down from the canopy in Audra’s room.  Without fail, it makes me laugh when I stumble upon Mimzey being a monkey in some unexpected place in our house.


Or the other day when both Ethan and Audra played for an hour with a bunch of fruit.  I’m not kidding – they discovered some stuff online called “Annoying Orange” (which is probably some silly thing that inexplicably went viral – I don’t know and don’t really care to find out)  Anyways, they pulled out a bunch of fruits and vegetables, drew faces on the ones with peel, and proceeded to play happily.  Don’t get me wrong – we’ve always encouraged imaginative play, and even better if toys are optional – but this one struck me as particularly strange, albeit funny.


Silly, funny, simple things.  It brings me back to when Ethan was a newborn, and we were so enthralled with him.  So tiny, perfect, and new.  And Dean turned to me, incredulously asking, “Can you imagine that one day he’s going to hug you and say ‘I love you, Mommy’?!”  At the time, it felt like that day would be so far away – and yet it came and went – already ages ago.  I guess it’s impossible to fathom all of the changes a family will go through as it grows.  Or all the quirky things kids will do during those years.

Sometimes it makes me a little crazy.  But I have to say, most days it gives me plenty to laugh about  (and maybe some truth to the idea that the lines around my eyes are not from age, but from laughing.)

Quirky kids. Laugh lines.  And funny memories for future amusement.

With kids like these, even the quiet days can never be dull.