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I love that I learn cool things from my kids.  The other day, Ethan came home, excited about a Nature Challenge his teacher (an avid lover of nature and the outdoors) is enrolling his class in.

I took a quick look at the 30×30 Nature Challenge website, which challenges individuals, families and organizations to spend 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days in May.  I promptly signed us up as a family.  What better way to enhance our connection with nature than to commit to spending more time in it?

I completely agree with the simple truth that nature is grounding, allows us to unwind, and connect to the greater world that we all live in.  In nature it is almost impossible to feel separate from the magnificence that exists in the world around us.  In nature, I feel most alive.  And it’s a love and appreciation we have instilled in our kids, as well.

Of course, coming from the Suzuki Foundation, the intention revolves around environmental awareness.  It baffles me that anyone could possibly consider environmental issues to ‘not be their concern’.  What other environment do we have?!

Anything that comes from a place of taking care of future generations resonates deeply with me.  In fact, one of my greatest drives is a vision I have of my great-great grandkids as young adults discussing the world that they are living in, and contrasting it to the one we have today.  And in my vision, the world that exists 100 years from now is happier, healthier, more connected, more empowered, more conscientious and aware.  It is a world where people recognize that we are all sharing the same planet, and that we are all connected.  It is a world that supports the magnificence that lies in every single human being and values the unique factors we each bring to the table. It is a world that works in harmony with nature, not against it.  And in my vision, my great-great grandkids know enough about me – who I am TODAY – to know that I helped to make that world exist.

The simple truth is this:  If we don’t change how we think (about the environment, about health, about each other… fill in the blank) – we won’t ever change how we act.

Children learn by example.  They do not simply listen to what you say.  They watch what you do.

And so, when a challenge comes about like this – that will give us extra reason to spend time outside, together, in nature – it’s a complete no-brainer.  Of course we’re in.

And I hope you are too.  Check it out!

(Ethan also wanted me to watch this video – which I had seen before – but which is riveting and moving – and truthful.  The message, while 20 years old, is still as relevant now as it was then.  Maybe even moreso.)