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Audra had her heart set on a sword.  And she now sleeps with it beside her on her bed.

Audra sleeping with her sword by her side

Audra sleeping with her sword by her side

Considering the stand I take for kindness, compassion, living from our hearts – and non-violence, it may seem strange that I had no issue with my daughter wanting a sword.  Yes, I envision a world that is healthy, whole, peaceful and connected.  And I have already stated that I will never be okay with violent games in our house.  But in this case, I think that despite the sword being a weapon, I see it as a symbol for more than that for her.

After all, an item itself is not inherently good or bad.  It is the intention of the user that makes it so.  According to her, she wanted it because ‘it has diamonds on it and it is cool.’  ‘And Xena, Warrior Princess has one.’

I guess I like that her shift in “princess adulation” has gone from the omnipresent Disney princesses to a stronger female role model.  (not that I feel Xena is the ideal – but it is certainly an improvement in my mind)  In this capacity, her new-found sword is a symbol of strength, being of service to people and fighting for good.  And I’m okay with that.

(Plus, the sword soon to be mounted on her wall – although I don’t doubt that in true Audra-style, I will occasionally find it tucked into bed beside her anyways.  She has a quarky habit of wanting to sleep with anything that is ‘new’ or ‘special’ – and obviously that is not exclusively reserved for soft, cuddly things!)

So let me explain my rationale with this:

I believe that people need to embrace all sides of their nature.  And I believe that every person holds every trait under the sun.  In fact, I believe that we could all be capable of anything – good or bad – if given the right (or wrong) set of life circumstances.

I also believe that when it comes to differences between males and females, we are equally strong, but in different ways.  I believe that men can be determined, ambitious, and powerful, as well as thoughtful, kind and loving.  I believe that women can be nurturing and compassionate and intuitive – as well as competitive, driven and strong.  I believe that it is by embracing all parts of ourselves that we find harmony, and allow the expression of our best selves possible.

I believe that powerful females – and heartfelt males – might just bring the balance of strength, compassion and nurturing that our world so desperately needs to heal, thrive and evolve to something better.

From this place, we make a conscious effort with our kids to nurture all sides of them. 

And so, when Audra saw this sword – with dragon heads and jewels on it – I didn’t have a problem with her wanting to spend her money on it.  I see one of her greatest strengths as being kind-hearted and generous.  But she is also determined, head-strong, and fiesty.  If she set her heart on having a sword: no problem.

She can be the warrior princess of our family.  I have no doubt that she will be a stand for all that is good in the world.