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This is a love letter to my daughter.  My baby is turning eight.

May 4th is Audra’s birthday.  I just don’t know where time goes.  How is it possible that it’s been 8 years?

Audra at 5 months

It’s funny how it is almost impossible to remember life before kids.  And I don’t mean what I did, or what life was like – that I remember just fine (and with an extra dose of gratitude for how ‘easy’ things were then!)  I mean that it defies my brain’s capacity to remember what life was like – and what the meaning of my life was – before our children entered into it.

Was my life meaningless without them?  Absolutely not.  Would I have made less of a difference without becoming a mom?  No – not that, either.  But for me, the depth of love, sacrifice, and the all-encompassing richness of life that comes from having a child to adore, nurture, and watch grow is something that words can’t do justice to.

I once heard it explained that words are part of the physical plane, whereas emotions are part of the energetic plane.  And while the two overlap – it makes it very difficult to describe the power of love and gratitude – which are intangible vibrations and energies – with a thing like a word.  It is one reason I fill my days with hugs and smiles – envisioning my love like a tidal wave that washes over our kids, infusing them with the high vibration of love and all of its infinite possibilities.

Mar2 2006 E and AI am quite certain it was because of being a mom for the second time around that I had an inkling of how much love and joy and laughter another baby would bring into our lives.  We actually welcomed the challenges of life with a newborn –  despite knowing that we were in for some busy times.  I was not quite sure how I would manage with a newborn and a not-quite-2-year-old -and no family around to help out in the busyness of daily life.  But somehow we did.  I am sure we were not perfect, but I am beginning to think that maybe nothing ever is.  And like I’ve said – I think it is possible that keeping my sanity during those busy years with babies and toddlers, while starting my chiropractic practice, and entering this new territory of family life may just be one of the pinnacles of my life’s greatest accomplishments.

So as I reflect on Audra – my baby.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways?  I doubt that any words can truly do it justice.  (But here goes):

 322_25847823863_285_nAudra:  My black & white child, my feisty little girl – you were born knowing what you wanted, and how to get it.  You burst into our lives like a flame.   And from that very first moment I held you in my arms, I was completely smitten.  Googly-eyed, over-the-top in love. 

You are so beautiful in every possible way.  You are smart, funny, loving, thoughtful, generous, creative, artistic, athletic, determined, strong, caring, happy, and brave.  You are my daughter, and I am as proud of you as a mom can be.  I am grateful every minute of every day for being your mom.  I am excited to see where you go in your life, what adventures you will have, and what wonderful things you will do.

IMG_1470My wonderful girl – I love you with every part of my being. You will always be my baby.  Whether you are 8 years old.  Or 98. 

I love you.  I love you.  I love you!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Audra!

(but please don’t grow up too fast…)