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I am feeling humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude with the realization of what amazing relationships I have in my life.  Surprisingly, it is not my family – or husband – that I am reflecting on right now.

Rather, I am completely humbled by the amazing people who come to see me in my practice.

On Saturday morning I had Ethan and Audra at work with me.  During a busy morning of adjusting families, it became increasingly clear to me how much I love the relationships that have grown over the years in my practice.  As I introduced Audra to some of the families who had not yet met her (while Ethan was hiding in the back reading), it hit me like a wave that an incredible number of them had met her when she was much, much younger – and a significant number had even been under care with me when I was pregnant with her over 8 years ago.  Even for those people who are new to my practice, it felt fitting to introduce them to my family – a bringing-together of those parts of my life that are so important to me.

I felt like my heart was blown wide open as I looked at these beautiful families – many of whom I had known since before their own kids were born, and whose children had been seeing me since shortly after their births.  Even thinking of it now, I am brought nearly to tears by the magnitude of the trust they all place in me to take care of them and their loved ones.  It is a trust that I will never take for granted.

I doubt that many people who come through our doors have any inkling of how much they also add to my life.  In so many cases, the ‘benefits’ might be perceived as one-sided.  I help them (or more specifically, I support their body in healing itself as it is designed to do, and remind them of how amazing they – and their bodies – are), and their expression of health and life improves.

But what may not be seen is the depth of honour I feel to take care of the people in my community and their families.   The trust that is shown to me every single day, by every person who walks in my door – and especially those who place their children in my hands – is what truly humbles me.  And it is payment unlike any other.

As a caregiver, healer, and chiropractor, I doubt that many people know how much I get from being a part of their lives.  I doubt many can fathom how much I love taking care of entire families, including the extended branches and multiple generations.  I revel in the opportunity to support them through the various stages of pregnancy, life with babies, and onwards.  Or how I think about them, even when they are not in the office.  How I care, sincerely and deeply.  Or how much I marvel over how quickly the kids grow and how quickly time flies.  I see it in my own life watching my own children – but that same feeling is experienced over and over again in my practice, as well.  And in much the same way, I hope that I fulfill my role there with exceptional care.

What fills me up is seeing more people express more of the life, health and happiness that is possible for them.  Like many of the people I see, perhaps they began to sleep again, or have more energy.  Perhaps they became pregnant after years of trying, or get to experience comfortable, healthy pregnancies.  Perhaps they have peace of mind with how their children are growing – thriving with strong immune systems and full of life.  Perhaps they can move without pain, or go through their life without feeling limited.  Perhaps they have stopped needing medications for a variety of ills.  Perhaps they feel more alive, younger, and happier.  Perhaps they get to watch their babies and children thrive with the abundant health and happiness that is their natural birthright.

Perhaps they feel HOPE for the first time in a long time, learn to TRUST their bodies, learn how to SUPPORT that inborn wisdom, and in the process, truly THRIVE.

See, with every person who becomes a part of my practice, my own purpose is also being fulfilled:  to inspire and empower people to live their lives to the fullest.  I am driven by the desire to help create a world that is healthier, happier, more connected, peaceful and whole.  It is a world that is based on principles of collaboration, trust and with every person knowing that THEY are magnificent.  And I believe we all create this together by living our own lives to our fullest potential.  I believe it is by bringing our own unique strengths and talents to the world that we create it anew; a world built from our inspiration, creativity, uniqueness and magnificence.

I guess this is also coming from a realization I had after spending the last few weeks speaking often in my community.  I know that people who attend my workshops learn a lot, leave inspired, and that the information I provide can truly change their lives.  But the truth is that the people that I get to make the biggest difference with are those who join the family of friends in my practice.  The immeasurable factor here is the relationship we build over weeks, months and years – getting to truly know people, and being the constant reminder of those simple but essential things they need to know (and that, unfortunately, are not yet at the core of the society we currently live in).  I become the reminder and resource for what we already know deep inside – that our bodies are smart, designed for health, and vitality, and that we can create a life of abundant health, happiness and vitality.

I see all of this when I look at all the families I get to take care of.  I look at the babies and children, and see all the potential in the world wrapped up inside their cute, cuddly selves.  I can see the possibility for them to grow up knowing that they are powerful and capable, with bodies that are smart and self-healing, and with great confidence in themselves and their abilities – and it gives me a glimpse of how this world I envision will one day come to exist.

With this in mind, perhaps it is easy to see how my forms of payment are so much more than just monetary. I get hugs, cuddles and gurgles from newborns, one-of-a-kind artwork, and many smiles from faces of every age.  I get to watch lives unfold, and support amazing people through challenges and triumphs.  I get to laugh, cry, celebrate with, and be moved by the many people I come to know.

Taking care of people in this way is a great honour, and fills me up every single day.  I am humbled by the opportunity to be a part of their lives, and fulfilled by seeing evidence every day of how I can make a difference.  It is by adding value to other people’s lives that my life grows exponentially.  It is through the connections we make and the relationships we build that I can see this amazing world and its beautiful people become more alive, connected, vibrant and empowered.

I am simply so grateful to be a part of it all.

(And for those of you in my practice: THANK YOU.)