I’d like to acknowledge all of the women in my life for being members of my “Council of Wise Women”.  When I reflect on my days, I can see that a very common thread is the many connections and supports I have that help to keep me on my path, remind me that I am strong when I don’t feel it, and provide a listening ear when needed.  And in keeping balance, I equally benefit from knowing when I can provide similar support to them.

(As an aside – I’m adding my husband Dean as an honourary member.  With most of our days ending with us talking at length – one of the reasons I believe we have such a great relationship – he is without a doubt my biggest support.)

Here is what I believe:

I believe that by embracing our need to connect, communicate, and support each other, we will collectively create a better world.  And while it is obviously not only going to come from women – I do believe that these traits are exemplified by women more often, and perhaps more naturally.  I believe that men and women alike have these traits inherent in their make up; it is simply the ability to embrace the duality of our natures – the strength and gentleness, so to speak, that may be lacking sometimes.  And as self-aware, empowered people – as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters – we can be the voice for change that perhaps our world has been missing.

So when you see me having lunch with a friend, speaking to a prenatal group, supporting families in my practice, or cheering on a friend at the gym – it’s really all a part of the same desire to connect and bring the best out in people – reminding people of the power and potential they have – and to allow the same to be done for me.

I believe that our world can exist as one that is healthy, whole, connected and empowered – where people are connected to the power they have within for abundant health, happiness and vitality.  I believe that if we could all learn to bring the best of who we are to the world, and share our talents, ideas and innovations, by this collaborative effort, we will make it an amazing place.

But we’re not there yet.

I believe that one of the things our world needs to heal, thrive and evolve to a better place is to accept that it is time for change.  I intentionally do not watch the news or read the paper, but I still see that there are different states of upheaval in every sector that I can see:  education, health care, economics, technology – and the list goes on.


It is also my belief that one of the changes that our world needs to embrace is the need for each of us to bring the traits of our  ‘female energy’ to the table – strength, drive and power combined with compassion, nurturing, and empathy – and all with an eye to future generations.

So my Council of Wise Women includes many.  It adds members every day.  It includes my mom, my sister, and my friends.  It includes women I work out with, women in my practice, women I network with in my community, members of the groups I speak to, and my colleagues – just to name a few.

You may not know how much of a difference you make to me.  But it is huge, and I love and appreciate you all.