This weekend was only the second of the summer – but after a busy past weekend at our friends’ cottage – followed by the start of the kids’ farm camp and our summer routine, it was lovely to have a quiet weekend at home.  I think it was exactly what we all needed.

Dean chuckled at me when I looked at him earlier this evening and simply stated: “I liked today.”  There was nothing remarkable about today, but it was a very good one in my books.

In the spirit of ‘quirky little things’, and enjoying the simple moments of life, some of the little moments from today included:

  • A breakfast on the gazebo as it rained around us.  Bacon, eggs, raspberries and watermelon in our lush back yard, spotting frogs as we ate and listening to the gentle thrum of rain drops on the canvas roof overhead.  Peaceful and simple.
  • A feeling of accomplishment as I folded a half dozen loads of laundry – envisioning how easy it will be to pack for our upcoming trip into the Algonquin outback when I have all the clothes laid out in front of me (one benefit from leaving laundry to the last possible minute – at least this way everything was dirty – now clean – to chose from).
  • An enjoyable (although not frugal) trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op to restock for our 4 day trip.  Leaving with more camping supplies, dehydrated meals to try (shepherds pie and bacon cheddar mashed potatoes – opinion is yet pending…!), much-needed clothes for Dean, and a new back pack for Audra.  (After all, if she has to lug all of her own gear as we portage, at least it will be in a pack of her choosing.  Somehow this makes all the difference with her – and whatever keeps her from complaining while we canoe, portage and camp works for me!)
  • Another pleasant dinner on the gazebo – not raining this time, but close to it – enjoying marinated steak, caesar salad, and tomato and goat cheese salad.  And a glass (or 2) of wine.  Interesting conversations led by the kids about topics such as: ‘Why isn’t there one world government?’  ‘What is the Lord of the flies about?’ and ‘When can we download my new mods on Minecraft.’ (as Ethan is inventing an elaborate world full of roller coasters and has spent many a moment imagining his new ‘world’.)
  • Listening to the kids play together lots – sometimes a little too loud for my in-house preference – but with most of it being great belly laughs, how could I complain?  With Ethan finishing his latest fantasy novel, and Audra playing happily with her stuffies – the house was quiet and peaceful for much of the day.  Following dinner, I relaxed by myself on the gazebo to finish my wine, read a few pages from my book, and enjoy the backyard – only to be laughingly led inside by Audra to ‘see what she did to Ethan’.


  • Finishing our family day by taking our dog Casey for a walk (at a very slow pace these days, her walks can best be described as leisurely strolls).  After all, as a member of our family, we felt she should also benefit from some outdoor time with our whole crew after enjoying a few bites of steak. (although we have a ‘no feeding from the table’ rule, sometimes her smiling doggie face weakens our resolve.)
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Amongst Audra’s many names for me today (Shanike, Shanille, and the ages-old Molly), and hugs from Ethan, it was indeed a simple but perfectly lovely day.  One that perhaps I would never have appreciated at another stage in my life.

Really?!  A day doing house-stuff, eating dinners, and shopping?!  Lovely?!  But it was.

A day spent with my most loved ones.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.