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Today is Dean’s birthday – and almost 15 years to the day that we met.   At the time, he was living in Edmonton and I was living 3 hours away in Calgary – just after graduating from university.  And on the weekend that we met, I knew that he was ‘the one’ for me.  How I knew, well, I can’t quite say.  But I vividly remember the bus ride back to Calgary as I journaled my surprised certainty that I had just met the guy I was going to marry.  And the funny thing was that we hadn’t kissed, hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, and had set up nothing to see each other again.  But, in the way that the world sometimes works out – I was right – and by the end of that month we had seen each other several more times and knew with an uncanny certainty that we would be spending our lives together.  In many ways I find it mind-boggling that I was only 22 when we met.  At the time, I can’t say that I was really that certain of who I was – but I was definitely on the path to learning – and obviously (thankfully!) in touch enough to know that this guy was the one for me.


Flash forward several years (and another province), and we were married; another few years and we were a family of four, just getting started in life.  It was busy – sometimes chaotic – but wonderful at the same time.  One image that always stood out for me was from a book I read.  It was to picture our family like a wheel – with our marriage as the center spoke.  That has always stuck with me – that our relationship would be the center of our family life.  And I believe that one of the reasons that we got through those crazy earlier years with kids was because we kept sight of that.

I consider one of the greatest successes in my life to be our marriage and family life.  On the worst of days, I know that I have a partner in life who loves me, believes in me, and makes me feel cherished every single day.  I depend on him and his love to help keep me strong on the days that I feel weak, and beautiful on the days that I feel old and tired.  If I am able to help other people in my life, and be the kind of mother, wife, chiropractor and human being that I most want to be – it is in part because of the strength I gain from his love and support.

He is the most loving husband I could ever wish for, my best friend, and an amazing father.

I sincerely hope that our children will grow up to have a relationship as strong as ours, and to be parents as committed as he is.  (Yet another example of the importance of being role models for our children)


Not a day has gone by in our lives together without saying that we love each other .  And for all of these 15 years, I have never once doubted that he is still ‘the one’ for me.

(Happy birthday Dean!  I LOVE YOU)