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Today I chose to have a different kind of lunch break.  As often happens when my day starts (wonderfully) with my early morning ‘power hour‘, by noon I had already completed the highest priority tasks on my “top action list” for the day.  In fact, the only thing left to do for the day outside of my practice hours included more journalling.  (I believe that one of the best things we can do to be productive is to have great clarity in where we are going.)

So when faced with a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and taking into consideration my love of nature and beauty, it seemed fitting to move my afternoon down-time to a fitting location – in this case: Toronto’s picturesque High Park.

So, rather than try to sum up how rejuvenated I was by the end of my time there, I thought I would show my afternoon in pictures:


Where I sat and journalled


The start of my walk to gather my thoughts


Beautiful stone bridges, ponds, and the sound of trickling water


Back to the waterfront – looking East to the Toronto CN Tower and skyline


Looking out over the lake – just as these geese flew overhead


And I returned to practice fully rejuvenated.  In no way do I consider this a waste of time – in fact, it was much needed reflective time.  In my busy, full life, these moments are an investment in my self.  Rather than detracting from productivity, I find them all the more necessary to keep me grounded and on purpose.

I doubt I could ‘do’ my life without moments like these.  (And why would I?!)