I feel kind of like an athlete who has neglected to work out for months on end, complete with that weird, almost-insurmountable obstacle of taking the first step.  *Ugh*  Why is it that it can be so hard to get your butt to the gym, or outside for a jog after a span of time has passed?  Is it just me, or is it like drudging through sludge and every step weighs me down…?

That is, UNTIL I actually get moving.  Blood gets pumping, muscles start moving, and     each and every time – without exception – I feel great and wonder “What took me so long?!”

Anyone relate??

Well, I feel that exact same way about blogging.  I am embarrassed to say it has been over two months since I last sat down to write.  I haven’t had writer’s block, but my mind has been stuck in sludge when it comes to putting pen to paper.  It’s seems that the longer I wait between blogs, the more I think that whatever topic pops into my head isn’t quite worthy of being the one following such a drought.

Any writers in the crowd agree??

Two months is a long time to cover.  There have been many times that moments have been ‘blog-worthy’ – anything from challenges we are having with our kids, to simple moments that make my heart glow.

The extent of my reno-abilities - holding boards, sweeping, and painting!

The extent of my reno-abilities – holding boards, sweeping, and painting!

In the past two months, we have renovated our house in order to open my new practice.  I have learned that I despise – DESPISE! – painting ceilings, and that fire code regulations for a home-based business create a tonne of extra work.  I have seen my husband work 12-16 hour days to build me the practice space of my dreams, watching in awe and appreciation, while able to offer pretty minimal help from my limited skill set.

The Lifehouse is NOW OPEN!!

The Lifehouse is NOW OPEN!!

I have opened my doors to start providing care to families in my area and have met with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to form new collaborations to help this community thrive with great health.  I have been invited as a guest on TV, and been approached to be on the receiving end of many generous offers for help.  Some days there are so many things that happen that my head literally spins.

Click here to watch Dr. Amy’s Interview on Global TV!

Our leisurely family breakfast with no effort or clean up from adults!

Our kids have been both wonderful and nerve-wracking.  One day they are the epitome of helpful kids and the next are making me tear my hair out.  One weekend they delivered me coffee in bed, and made a spectacular breakfast – and yet on my birthday morning couldn’t pull it together without tears and fighting.  *sigh*

Our life is good, but crazy.  Amongst our year of transition, we have had to cope with a dog whose bladder control is fading, and who has decided she doesn’t like walking on cold surfaces anymore. (Quite an inconvenient combination in the winter months!)  Audra has discovered a love of all things organized, and has spent hours on end watching YouTube videos and then cleaning her room.  (Trust me, it is spotless and spectacular).  Ethan’s room is a disaster – although he doesn’t agree or care.  He gets lost in Minecraft building, especially since his recent proposition to earn money to pay for his own web-server – which allows him to build and play online with friends.  It is creative and pretty cool – but also stretches my limits for how much electronic time I think he should have.  More often than I care to admit these past busy months, our kids have been left to their own devices.

But with living and working from home, we get to have family dinners every night, and we no longer spend hours every week driving to work.  We see family often – and sometimes daily.  Our nieces and nephew know us, and fill our hearts with joy.

5 of 7 cousins sporting "nanny" hats

5 of 7 cousins sporting “nanny” hats

In many ways we gave up a lot to move home.  We had a good life in Ontario, and with every passing year, our life became more comfortable and predictable.  But here we are instead: Starting Over.

I guess you could say we are ‘all in.’

The way I see it, if life is indeed a game, I want to play full out.  Safe is nice – but boring.  Some days our life is great, exciting and joyful – and others it’s stressful and frustrating.  It’s real, messy, and beautiful.

But it’s ours – and we’re in it together – and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Skating at my sisters with the kids

Skating at my sisters with the kids