When I started this blog in 2012, it fuelled a part of me that had been dormant, lighting me up from the inside.  However, the intention was always to be as transparent as possible in my writing, and there were many things going on in my life in 2014 and in the three years that followed that interfered with this.

I was selling my practice in Ontario – but couldn’t go public with that knowledge until it has been finalized.  So I had to withhold.   And then when we moved to Nova Scotia, we were wrapped up in legal and municipality issues around buying the house we wanted to live in and practice out of – and again, I couldn’t go public with the information of what was going on in my life.  So I had to withhold.

And finally – and most importantly – our kids were getting older.  Their concerns were not quite as child-like as they moved into the pre-teen and teen years.  Our conversations began to move into adolescent topics: boys, girls, hormones, body changes, social situations, hurt feelings, and many emotions to express and understand.  And I realized that I – yet again – was not able to voice my experiences in my writing.  Simply because they were not mine alone to share.  I could not write freely about my thoughts and feelings while honouring the privacy of my children.

And so, as my family has grown – wonderfully – I am elated – and somewhat surprised, to see that I love being a mom to teenagers (let’s be honest here: most of the time).  I am surprised, grateful and proud.  They are proving themselves to be the amazing human beings I know they are.

But I no longer feel able to blog as their mom.  Not about them, or our private conversations and experiences.  Not in the same way that I did before.  I struggled with this for quite some time, waiting for my ‘next step’ to appear.  It took a while – a time that I was busy building my new practice in Nova Scotia, spending time with family, helping build a cottage with my parents, coaching soccer and needing my calendar always at hand to keep track of our many sporting events, music lessons, and other obligations.

Life has been busy – and as always, has had its ups and downs.

However – I am finally ready to start writing again.  As me: A woman; A mom;  A wife;  A chiropractor, health advocate & business owner.  My thoughts, dreams, fears and the observations of life that help me navigate it the best I can.

And in thanks for being loyal followers of mine in the past, I invite you to join me at my new blog.  As a matter of fact, here is a sneak peak of  my soon-to-be-released blog: The Inspired Life Journey.


That’s a Lofty Name 

That’s a lofty name”, was my mom’s first comment when I told her I was starting a new blog. I laughed, not surprised. “That’s the point”, I replied, “An inspired life isn’t always inspired.”

As a matter of fact, the name of this blog came to me after spending the afternoon in an oncologists office.  It wasn’t the best day – obviously. But somehow, out of that day’s experience, I felt a familiar calling – a Voice inside – that left me feeling connected, grateful and whole rather than drained. (Continue Reading…)



With love for following my blogs, Dr. Amy Robinson